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Chiang Mai spiritual retreat






The Client owned a family property South of Chiang Mai. The lot already got a traditional house over timber piers and a horse ring.

The idea was to create two different building, in keeping with the existing style that surrounds a large pond with fish.

A third building will host an open kitchen and dining areas.

The development allows for different rental scenarios: Whole retreat, buildings or room by room, moreover part of the family still occupies the former building. This arrangement led to keep kitchen and dining quarters detached and set for sharing.

The methodology of construction was defined with the local builder. Rainforest timber logs embed in concrete stumps support the roof and floors. At ground level a tiled concrete plinth serves as the indoor/outdoor platform, first levels and the building envelope were all covered with rainforest timber weatherboard.

Our client supervised the construction as he moved on site. We perform regular visits from Sydney to ensure the design and the execution were according to plan.

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