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Zoning Analysis

A Zoning Analysis Definition

How important is a zoning analysis in the building or updating of a new or existing structure? It can mean the difference between having a project approved and having to go back to the drawing board and start over. A zoning analysis determines what type of structure may legally occupy a tract of land.


Zoning laws exist in most towns and cities and even in residential areas in Bondi Junction, Australia. They’re in place to limit the size, type, purpose and appearance of the buildings in the vicinity. An area’s zoning code determines which buildings can legally be placed where.


A zoning analysis is an initial step that must be performed before any construction begins. It’s a type of study that determines whether the proposed location is a feasible fit for the project at hand.


A sample zoning analysis may contain diagrams and calculations made by the architect who performed it. And though it may look similar, it is not an initial draft or technical drawing of the project.

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