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Santiago Van Arcken

Office Manager | Architect

Santiago is the Sydney Office Manager. He trained as an Architect in between France and the UK and specialized in Urban Design. He started his professional path in London while working for one of the top AJ100 practices in the country, focusing mostly on commercial and residential projects that gained recognition.

In late 2015, he decided to make the move down under and settle in Sydney, where he joined some of the most influential practices such as JPW and Candalepas Associates. In early 2019, he joined Marcos on his adventure with ARCanary and has since then participated in numerous residential projects from conception to completion.

Having worked on a wide range of projects and scales, he strongly believes in the mixed use development and regeneration of urban spaces as a key part of the city's evolution. He encourages travelling and takes advantage of any opportunity to discover new horizons and learn from each place and culture encountered while documenting through sketching, photography and writing.

Apart from being an active Designer and Project Manager, Santiago is in charge of the practice well-being and continuous growth and development.

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