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Marcos G. Puga

Principal | AU Architect NSW Reg 11733 | EU Architect COAM 20020

Marcos is the founder and principal at Arcanary, registered Architect in Madrid, Spain no. 20020 and in NSW, Australia Reg.11733. He studied Architecture in Madrid, Paris and Ahmedabad. Marcos is a Project Manager,  Architect and Consultant with experience, leading end to end commercial and residential projects, both nationally and internationally. Managing multi-million-dollar budgets, overseeing resource procurement and allocation, liaising with key stakeholders and leading diverse teams to ensure projects are delivered on time.

Marcos is passionate about driving strategy and innovation as well as leading cross-functional teams to facilitate successful project outcomes.

His experience embraces a wide spectrum of the construction industry, from the finest design ateliers in Europe to the execution of his projects hands on. True believer that good quality and bespoke architecture can be to the reach of all. Clients' opinions and inputs are necessary to deliver the most excellent architectural experience.

Marcos is also very passionate about business and started his entrepreneurial adventure in 2014 with the design, construction and operation management of Vatia Beach Eco Resort. This is the first step into the creation of an eco and sustainable chain of luxury hotels built in the respect of the local culture and environment.

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