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Landscape Design

Landscape Design for a Finished Look

There’s much more to landscape design than just planting gardens and shrubs in an orderly fashion. Landscape design is actually a science that involves utilizing available soil and water conditions to their best advantage to achieve the desired results.


The landscape that surrounds a building or home has more than just an aesthetic impact. It also affects the surrounding environment and social structure. Landscaping is most effective when it serves a functional purpose beyond just being pretty.


In architecture, especially for commercial projects, the landscape that surrounds a building can make it feel inviting, or it can turn people away. Extraneous features such as benches, statuary and water features create desirable outdoor areas that encourage people to gather, relax, and socialize.


The exterior landscaping of a building project includes science such as site planning, storm-water management, erosion manipulation, and drainage and irrigation. It can incorporate elements of industrial design in urban, suburban and rural settings.

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