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The Problem & The Solution

Today family and social structures, technology leverage, involuntary information intrusion and in general the acceleration of “change”, challenge the traditional way architecture is used to address some of the most basic human needs: Shelter.

Besides of being the mere discipline for organising spaces and creating “instruction manuals” for the erection of buildings, Architecture serves us to express ourselves, stating our preference, our approach to practicality, our understandings of comfort and value.

Each project it’s different not only on program, and context but also on the amount of resources that can be allocated to plan, design and execution; but there is always a finite amount of resources (AKA money and time)..

Some may say that the more resources the better the project, and although not necessarily true for all instances, it is generally the case.

We understand architecture as the trade of using and managing resources focusing on two main points as the solution to the problem: Iterations and Clarity


Clarity & Iterations.


Countless hours of work are allocated on the “wrong thing”, just because there was not clear communication between the parties involved.

More Iterations, better architecture, better though, better solutions.


Durability, ease of use, ease to maintain or repair, a-temporal elegance and quick and durable construction execution is achieve by iterating the project and having control over the important things: Clarity.


Heritage, Collaboration & Interdisciplinary

Contradiction and scepticism are the only constants we can rely on. Professions shift their value proposition to, in a way, get closer to the human psyche and a away to manual labour.


Specialisation and temporality or “short-termness” define the current landscape which only indicates more and more disengagement from the status quo.

However, this disruptive times encourages participation on project bases, multidisciplinary teams that enrich not only the subject project but the subjects themselves creating a feedback loop of adding more value through more collective knowledge, which adds more value that generates more collective knowledge…




We are going to separate the wheat from the chaff. Strip the guts of the building, expose the inherent construction, the character and the soul of the building.

We will set a plan of privacy, from 24/7 public, to highly confidential.

We plan for a living building who can grow, shrink and die and re-born as per the demands of this world that never stop surprising us.

We are going to be the talking head of the actors and bring together the specialists. Clarity and Iterations


Who we are


The Canary is a group of people who love design and problem-solving.


After working with Alberto Campo Baeza in Spain, Dominique Perrault in Paris, Balakrishna Doshi  (a living pupil of Le Corbusier) in Ahmedabad and Koichi Takada in Sydney, Marcos G Puga incorporated in 2013 the company as Canary Constructions & Management Pty Ltd,

Bringing a multidisciplinary approach to nowadays architectural problems.

The skill set offered comprehends Heritage, Construction management, Feasibility, Engineering, Interior and our core, Architecture Old School.

Our Philosophy of work

•    Assume nothing: See it for yourself, achieve a viewpoint vs a point of view.

•    Exactness: Consistency, Reliability.

•    Maintain Clarity: one source of truth.

•    Start with the end: Sharpen the saw, enterprise vs projects, accountability

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