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Childcare & Commercial




Design, Planning & Management

618 Bourke St is recognized as the oldest construction in Bourke St. The building, owned by Mr Balafas was initially erected as a military barracks, then converted into a house.

After obtaining a DA and CC, Mr Balafas and Mr Moreno engaged Marcos G. Puga (as project manager) in conjunction with E. Rotunno (builder) to carry out all construction works.

The construction methodology, three stages.

Building restoration: Underpinning of external walls, internal de-guttering of bracing walls and subsequent inner steel bracing. Creation of all external openings, by demolishing sections of the outer fabric and establishment of the diaphanous space to the reconfigured to fit the childcare layout.

External Works: Once the building was braced, we proceed with the front, and rear addition's foundations to then erect the wrapping steel and glass structure.

Childcare fit-out & landscape: Once all structures were constructed we continue with the installation of joinery, openings, and hardware. Special attention was put to the lift in conjunction to all playground and equipment typical from a building of this use.

Our Role consisted of:

Contract Documentation: the main point of contact for Client, Consultants, Council, Builder, Contractors.

Tender Preparation and management, claims and defects.

Construction Management: Assisting trades with queries, solutions and instructing methodologies of constructions. Procurement of materials, site management, and OH & S.

Design & Architectural: Our team took over the previous architectural firm and issued the construction documentation as well as two section 96 to improved the design and to reduce cost.

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