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Design of a single detached dwelling in a natural reserve.





Design & Planning

We were referred to our client by the former owner of the land to whom we assisted with the subdivision of the lot into seven smaller parcels and the concept design for one of them of a house that will float over an existing creek.

"The bridge house" was our starting point, however, the program increased substantially and the preferred approval instrument was a CDC, which set more conservative rules.

The final idea was the creation of a solid plinth that flattens the steep site and creates a belvedere looking onto the creek.

On top of the plinth, three boxes that slide and break creating the different spaces.

The boxes interlink with two glazed passages on both ground and upper floors.

An infinity edge pool cantilevers off the plinth and onto the reserve, again enjoying the privilege tranquillity of the location.

Inside, the ground level adapts to the terrain as to maximise the volume that fits within the permissible height.

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