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Design, Planning & Management

After the purchase of the unusually shaped building containing two dwellings, our clients Y.D and D.C approach us to study the options and feasibility of a  whole renovation/redevelopment.

Given the strict new regulations of Woollahra Council concerning the floor plate size, we based our  on an unusual strategy:

Firstly,  demolishing the lower-level slab, merging it with the basement into one "usable" hi-ceiling floor which will credit some additional floor plate.

Subsequently, rising the rear landscape ground by 1200mm to level it to the new basement.

After completion of this initial works, Re-surveying the lot establishing a new "existing natural ground level" which will then increase the maximum height by 1200mm. This ease negotiation with Council to the proposed roof changes.

Other significant volumetric interventions were:

Square off the octagonal shape, very impractical from a living perspective and making a new contemporary look.

Total front of building reconfiguration, involving a massive timber screen over a glass curtain wall that will allow for lots of natural light while keeping privacy;  two new carports and new landscape; internal fit-out responding to Eastern Suburbs high-end markets.


We serve our clients with as project directors, keeping in-house all design, construction documentation and town planning. We manage all financial and contractual aspects of the development as well as we get involved with the builders to define the construction sequence and construction methodology.

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