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Mix Used Developments

Multi-Residential & Commercial




Stage 1 completed & commercial component

Initially, Mr Abraham approached us to study the possibilities of a site which was re-zoned to 18m height restriction and 2:1 FSR (floor space ratio).

The building falls under the classification of "shop top housing" and formerly having a fruit shop at ground level and two apartments on the first floor.


After several iterations of the design, we came up with a scheme for ten apartments around a central courtyard; retail at ground floor and a garage at the basement.

We jumped into negotiations with Council but could not reach alignment as parking objectives would require our client to pay excessive contributions and would turn the project into a loss.


We found an alternative approach.

First, our real estate signed a deal with CBA for a 10+10 year lease; this could be obtained by-passing Council.

The new scope for CDC involved fireproofing, internal de-guttering to give an open canvas to the CBA and a new suspended concrete floor able to withstand the load of the vault and bank equipment.

After a successful construction and subsequent CBA fitout, the next step is to add two new levels above the existing residential tenancy including 5 apartments following the initial courtyard scheme. A DA, already lodge is still under assessment.

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