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Three townhouses in Miranda





Design, Planning & Construction Management

Our Client, a town planner specialised in Inner-city multi-residential developments, commissioned us to study a site in which to include his residence and two townhouses.

The site, narrow and long, restrained to two possible schemes:  arranging the three dwellings to the North or the South, having the driveway on the opposite side for each case.

After creating some volumetric scenarios, studying shadow casting and privacy to and from adjacent properties we decided to set the two townhouses to the North and our client's residence to the rear of the lot, enjoying the eastern aspect of the site.

The Design idea consists on two simple concrete boxes sit on a masonry plinth (ground level), which cantilever and recess from it, creating awnings and balconies.

The strategy was different for the detached house; the building perimeter adapts to the triangular shape allowing for internal privacy between the rooms. The levels follow the terrain optimising the height and enabling an attic and a double-height living room.

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