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Thai Vegan Restaurant





Design & Construct

Little Turtle is a vegan restaurant in Enmore. It features a modern approach to traditional Thai Cuisine.

We help our client with previous projects, ten room eco-retreat in Chiang Mai, redevelopment of his residence and a few other residential developments.

We were appointed as Project manager / Designers.

The brief was to create a Vegan concept for a restaurant that could be franchised. We proposed to bring the 70's elegant minimalism into place in combination with a more current industrial look topping the project with the integration of a hydroponic system that will keep edible plants throughout the restaurant.

Once identified the Site, and after negotiations with the landlord, we were also commissioned to proceed with coordination of upgrading the building to a standard which involved three units and another retail space.

We acted as main contractors, getting onto the tools and looking after joinery, hydroponic systems, internal steel and all interior finishes.

The project has proved to be a fruitful exercise, widely mention on all dining Sydney forums and feature in many blogs and food guides.

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