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Design, Planning & Management

Our client Mr and Mrs Tjiong approach us to look after the final stages of planning; establishing a construction methodology and supervise the final delivery of their small but complex renovation.


The intervention had to look "in keeping with the style of the building which was constructed 30 earlier


Access was the constant challenge, not only due to the use of the building (mix with a hotel, commercial and residential) but also with the few alternatives to bring and dispose of materials.


All goods were delivered through a "spider hoist" setup from the Darling Harbour side of the building, which meant that all pieces of steel, the glass had to be cut to the exact dimension (fitting an elliptical footprint).


A cantilevered scaffold was attached to the perimeter of the terrace immediately after all good where deposited on site, however, the installation of the glass panels, had to be performed without the safety barrier.


The erection of a new steel structure added to the demolition or a section of the facade and added to the weight of toughen-heat soaked-laminated panels of glass of about 200+ kg made the structural design the key of the project success.


Our role as project manager involved the final stages of the design, dealing with giant Architectus, preparation of construction documentation and tender where we also help the client by issuing all documentation in-house.


Contract administration between main builder and contractors directly managed by us (glass, vergola and steel)

Site management, Construction methodology, OH&S


The result was a sleek renovation, in keeping with the existing building that not only brings up the equity of the penthouse but also expands the interior of the house and connects it with the Sydney Skyline.

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