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Multi residential Development





Design & Interiors

Renovation and Additions to an existing interwar block of apartments.


The building was purchased with an approved DA by Alwill Architects. We assisted the client in the preparation of new Section 96 and interior design reconfiguration of the building and construction documentation.


The building, a double brick construction of two storeys with four apartments, is now converted into 2 apartments plus to duplexes as a new attic over the first floor were added within the roof cavity.


The project follows a "Bondi Beach Style" that suit the market demand of the area, young professionals - healthy ocean living.


Inside, light Oak and white marble convey the beach feeling to the apartments enhancing natural light.


Outside, a new render coat preserves the fabric from the sea breeze. A cobble line is exposed and restored as to manifest the former character of the building.

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